Important Tree Policies and Current Contractor List

A lush, healthy forest and a beautiful healthy lake are part of what make Tahoe a special place.  Trees need to be thinned from the forest to keep it healthy, but thinning trees the wrong way can threaten our delicately balanced ecosystem.  Even though you may need a permit to remove certain trees, the environmental and fire protection agencies have made sure the rules don’t stand in the way of creating defensible space and removing hazardous trees. You can also download the most current list of contractors who have attended a presentation of TRPA tree regulations here. This list is provided as a courtesy and is not an endorsement of any of the companies shown.

  • In general, 14-inches in diameter is the only number you need to know.
  • Tree diameter is measured 4.5 feet above ground, from the uphill side of the tree.
  • If your home is on the shoreline of Lake Tahoe or in a stream environment zone (SEZ), special rules apply and you should contact a forester at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) for advice.

Occasionally there are updates to the rules and where to get permits.  Please review the chart below for the most current information.

Tree Permit Details

When in doubt, please contact your local fire agency.

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