Ember House Youth Activity

Ember House Youth Activity

Activity Description

The Ember House is a youth activity promoting wildfire ember awareness for young and old alike. Built by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, the Ember House is a scaled-down house front featuring vulnerable spots to embers, such as rain gutter with pine needles, wood shake roof, open window, unscreened vents, juniper bush, and an open garbage can. Participants are given 3 bean bags (embers) which they toss at the house trying to land them on or into the vulnerable spots.

Hopefully, the parents are asking “Why do they have my child throwing embers at this house?” presenting a valuable teachable moment. This is a great time for The Ember House attendee to hand out the Be Ember Aware publication and discuss ember preparedness with the adults.

Ember House 3.0 is available for use at your school, community or fire station event. You can reserve it for your own use with advanced notice, or when available, a program representative can be asked to participate. Ember House 3.0 should be transported behind the front seat of an extended cab truck or SUV. If using the bed of a truck, it must be placed face down with the brackets facing up. It assembles quickly, but requires two individuals. When using the Ember House 3.0, sand bags must be used to stabilize the structure.

To borrow Ember House 3.0, participants are required to view the tutorial video. To schedule the Ember House in the Lake Tahoe Basin, contact us via our online contact form or call Carlie Teague at the Tahoe Resource Conservation District at 775-543-1501 ext. 114, or Jamie Roice-Gomes at 775-336-0261.

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