Prescribed Fire Information and Announcements

In some areas of the Lake Tahoe Basin, prescribed fire is used by agencies to reduce wildfire fuels near homes. Prescribed fire is the intentional use of fire to manage vegetation. A prescribed fire project is well-planned, carefully orchestrated and involves the disciplines of fire ecology, fire suppression, forestry and public safety.

The important parts of a prescribed fire project are:

  • Training – Personnel have received extensive training and have been certified in prescribed fire.
  • Preburn Activities – Each winter a multidisciplinary team develops the “Burn Plan” for the upcoming fall burn season. During the summer months work crews start preparing the burn sites by creating firebreaks, clearing around high value trees and thinning dense pockets of brush.
  • Burn Day – The specific date of a proposed fire cannot be determined very far in advance. A “Go/No-go Checklist” is used to decide if a prescribed fire can be safely and effectively conducted. If the necessary conditions are not optimal, the fire will be postponed until conditions “come into prescription.” The illustration presented at left portrays a typical prescribed fire.
  • Tending the Burn – Prescribed fires are managed to minimize smoke production and maximize fuel consumption. Personnel closely monitor the site until the project is completed.

Prescribed fire operation have begun again in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Below are announcements of current or upcoming Prescribed Fires:

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